Porcelain, Watercolor, Pastel, Oil, and Acrylic
  August 15, 16 & 17, 2016, "MODERN POPPIES" 

Paula White Home Study School of Art And Design
 Email: paulaswhitehssa@gmail.com
 Phone: 405-470-6882 Oklahoma City, OK 73172

 October 12, 2016

 Dear Painting Friends, A note to let you know I am still available for seminars, workshops and demonstrations. I am now teaching in porcelain, watercolor, oil and acrylics. I still have a strong lineup of subjects and techniques available to teach you. My color and design classes are always so great for those wanting to know more about those subjects.

 I have new fruit designs, new landscape designs; having just returned from the Santa Fe area and have great photos. Seascapes are always great for new techniques with lighthouses and water. Of course roses and other floral are great subject matter. A few photos have been attached for you to peruse. I have discounted my fees for these services and would like to teach in your area once again. I am planning on attending the regional shows in Omaha, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas and Kansas in 2017. 

That is a great time for your group to have me as I am already in the area. I believe these changes will benefit us both. My fees for workshops and seminars are now $250.00 per day with $.50 per mile one way, where the group is within 6 hours of Oklahoma City. I do charge air fare both ways when I fly. Demonstrations are $100.00 per demo. These prices are negotiable per group and can be discussed with the workshop chairman. 

Just give me a call or email if you are interested in inviting me to teach in your area. 

Warm Regards, Paula White 

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