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AUGUST 8, 2015

The Oklahoma WOCP Teachers Club convened at 9:55 a.m. on August 8, 2015 at the WOCP Museum, Oklahoma City, OK with Lois Higgins, President, presiding. The following Members were present, Adrienne Mauch, Junita Lohr, Le Yeatts, Paula White, Shirley Weston, Thelma Ingram and Lois Higgins. Excused members are Anita Kantowski, Bernetta Stewart, Kathie Southerland, Marilyn Miller, Jody Cook, Sarah Gomez and Helen McNabb.

The July Minutes were read. It was noted that Thelma Ingram and Adrienne Mauch were excused for the July 11, 2015 meeting. Shirley Weston made a correction to the July Minutes under Old Business, second paragraph, second sentence, regarding September 19th Board Meeting of Oklahoma WOCP, that the phrase "These are to be donated..." is to be deleted and insert "These could be donated ...". The corrections duly made and Minutes stand approved.

Junita Lohr, Treasurer, reported that the Club has $2,377.25 in the account.

The President brought discussion that the Checking account is in the F&M Bank, Fairview, OK. F&M Banks changed to Prosperity Bank and the F&M Bank in Fairview is not a part of Prosperity Bank and has no affiliation with any other bank. The discussion is to find another bank that is close to the Tulsa area and to the Oklahoma City area since most of the Members of Teachers is close to these locations or to find a bank that is in multiple cities in Oklahoma. Suggested banks to inquire as their benefits and costs were Federal Bank, MidFirst, Credit Union, Tinker Federal Credit Union, etc.

President brought to the Members attention that the Oklahoma WOCP Teachers Club Treasurer books were not audited in years. Paula White made a motion that the Clubs Treasurer books be audited and Adrienne Mauch seconded the motion. Motion passed. Lois Higgins will find a member to audit the books.

Announcement of porcelain requested for WOCP Show be left at the WOCP Museum for Janet Crain to pick up, several members responded with porcelain left at the WOCP Museum.

The Teachers Club is responsible for the meal, setup and cleanup for the September 19th Oklahoma WOCP Inc. Board meeting. Junita Lohr presented the food items requested and a signup sheet was passed. Members not present will be called for assistance with the meal preparation and cleanup.

A Discussion on raising money for Teachers Club was addressed by using a Members' Show & Tell each month. Motion by Adrienne Mauch that each teacher Member would bring a porcelain piece to show and tell what methods were used for the painting and that if member did not bring porcelain then the Member would pay $1.00 to the Teachers Club treasurer. Junita Lohr seconded the motion. Motion passed.

The President brought forth discussion that Paula White Seminar will be June 10, 11 & 12, 2015 at a cost of $350.00 per day and total cost of $1,050 to Teachers Club; with a subject of fruit (paint your own border or have a piece with the border fired on porcelain). A motion was made by Junita Lohr and seconded by Le Yeatts to have the three-day Seminar with Paula White at a cost of $1,050.00 painting “Fruit” on June 10, 11 and 12, 2015. Motion carried.

Shirley Weston made a motion that for a person to participate in the Door Prize, that the Club Member would pay $2.00 to the Treasurer. Paula White seconded the motion. Discussion clarified that this will bring money into the Club and assist in paying Club's monthly rental fee to WOCP. Motion passed.

A reminder by President that Bernetta Stewart will do second fire on the “water scene” for the September 12, 2015 program. If you have not begun you will be able to do first fire on the water scene.

No further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lois Higgins, President


Acting Secretary for August 8, 2015 for Bernetta Stewart

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