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SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

The Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc (“OK WOCP INC”) Quarterly Board Meeting was convened on September 19, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. at the WOCP Museum Headquarters by Susan Owen, President.

Lois Higgins offered a prayer.

Rollcall by Corporate Secretary, Sarah Gomez, with 21 voting Members present and 3 nonvoting Members present with 24 total Members in attendance. Twelve of the 14 Oklahoma Clubs were represented.

Sarah Gomez explained that the paddles where for voting members. Those eligible to vote are past presidents, current club presidents (Club presidents may appoint the vice-president or other member of their club as a stand in.), Delegates appointed by each club, and the chairman of each Standing Committee. Each person may vote only once even if they hold multiple offices.

Sarah Gomez read the secretary’s report from April 18, 2015. One correction was made. Kathy Southerland indicated that the statement “A five minute break was taken to finish voting on the museum ballots.” should be before the results of the voting. Minutes stand corrected and approved.

Sharan Amend gave the Treasurer’s report of the OK WOCP INC funds in Mid-First Bank. A copy of the treasurer’s report is attached. The beginning balance was $5,734.39. Deposits from the April Board meeting were $6,082.00 and the expenses for the months since April were $3,889.38. Our current balance is $7,927.01.

The OK WOCP INC Educational Funds that are in the Central National Bank had a beginning balance of $9,900.83 on March 17, 2015. The account earned $6.22 in interest. A total of $288.00 was spent for educational activities for Sooner Club, China Dolls, and Leisure China Painters of $54 each. Fillis Newman received $34, $24, and $14 for the OK State Fair expenses. On August 17, 2015 the balance was $9,619.05.

The balances for the CD’s were #2727 (matures 7/30/2016) with a balance of $1,809.57 and #2860817 (Matures on 4/3/2016) with a balance of $15,329.63, and #2204326 (Matures on 8/13/2016) with a balance of $13,221.25 and #751604030 (Matures on 8/9/2016) with a balance of $7,306.74.

The total balance of the educational fund and the CD’s are $47,286.24.

Nancy Lepak asked, “How is the money in the education fund used?” Lois Higgins explained that at the end of each April event $1,000 is given the next president as seed money for the next April event. The education funds can be used by request for $50 from any club in the organization. Discussion about Inez Herman’s suggestion of increasing that amount was tabled until OK WOCP INC is sure that we do not owe back taxes. The by-laws are being rewritten by Lois Higgins and the parliamentarians from each club. These by-laws will be put before the board for discussion, suggested changes and finally a vote by the board.

Both Inez Herman and Junita Lohr asked, “Why there were not checks for the Educational Funds?” Lois and Sharan both explained that it is now possible to use checks with the money market account and we should look into that for Educational Funds. The plans are for purchasing checks in the future.

Lois reported that the e-post card tax filing was done by Sharan Amend, Treasurer. Any check written to the OK WOCP INC is tax deductible. The notation line on the check should have the word “donation.” Our official tax year is January 1 thru December 31. This tax e-file was for the year of 2014. Our official non-profit start date is September 17, 2013.

Lois reported that our auditor will be a professional that is not a member of the OK WOCP INC. The auditors she is interviewing are pleased that the organization is now using QuickBooks for non-profit. Sharan Amend and Susan Owen has worked together to get the program up and working. One change that the by-laws should address is to have two signatures on each check to act as checks and balances. A receipt must be presented for all monies paid out of the OK WOCP INC organization’s funds and a record of all funds paid to the organization.

Thelma Ingram noted that the auditor for the world show indicated all tickets for lunch, drawings, etc. must be kept and matched with income. Sharan said she had done that and each ticket also has a name and number associated with it. Le Yeatts helped Sharan to keep track of this information throughout the day.

Susan Owen asked the yearbook person, Sarah Gomez, to pass out the yearbook. A representative from each club accepted the yearbooks. The books for Northeast Porcelain Artists and Enid-Heirloom China Painters were left on a desk in the office by a request from the clubs conveyed by Fillis Newman. Renaissance China Painter books were not picked up. Sarah Gomez has those books and will mail them to the current president.

Sarah Gomez requested more information from each club to post on the web site. The OK State Fair photos will be posted this week.

Bonnie Sharp said that her club had two visitors that may become members. They were Heidi King and Dora Creekbomb. Inez Herman said her club had two new painters but they have not yet joined. Fillis Newman reported that Leisure and Sooner had new, young painters.

Fillis Newman gave a Fine Arts report for the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area. The live competition was a success. The entries increased from 4 entries last year to 10 entries this year. Thelma Ingram and Bernetta Stewart were the judges. Results were: 1/Fillis Newman (Portrait); 2 Anita Kantowski ; 3 Ruthanne Reitz. The “Best of Show-Novice Division” was Kim Blevins.

Discussions indicated that the “Live Competition” created interest in the fair. Sharon Amend said that the list of what the judges were looking for was very helpful. The judges spend one-on-one time with entrants to explain the judging process.

Lois Higgins reported that the Tulsa State Fair is October 1-11, 2015. Today is the day our entries are being taken to the fair. On September 30 Lois Higgins and Junita Lohr will take photos of all porcelain entries and the results of the judging. Each category will have a “Grand Prize” winner only if there are five (5) or more entries. Tulsa’s new Fine Arts person, Retha Falkenberry, and Oil Capital President, Junita Lohr, will meet with the fair representative to ask for some changes. At this time the porcelain pieces are scattered throughout other exhibits.

Oil Capital China Painters will display porcelain art with a Christmas theme in the window of Victoria’s Tea room during the month of December. The window is 22 inches deep and 81 inches wide and about 48 inches tall. The plans are for a Christmas tree with hand painted ornaments that can be purchased. Victoria’s Tea Room will keep only 10% of proceeds. Other Christmas themed pieces will also be displayed and for sale. This is one way for Oil Capital to meet their obligation to display their art work.

As former Nominating Committee Chairman, Anita Kantowski read the slate of officers for the 2016-2017 year.

They are:

President: Thelma Ingram

President Elect: Unfilled

1 Vice President: Dorothy Anderson

Recording Secretary: Janet Crain

Corresponding Secretary: Ann Truscott

Treasurer: Sharan Amend

Historian: Le Yeatts

Webmaster: Sarah Gomez

Parliamentarian: Jody Cook

Susan Owen asked for volunteers for Nominating Committee and a Chairman of the Nominating Committee. There were no volunteers. Susan explained that an organization cannot survive unless members are willing to step up and fill the officer positions. She asked that each person go back to their respective club to find a new President elect for the unfilled office.

Thelma Ingram handed out the Pauline A Salyer Foundation Award Questionnaire. They are due back to her by February 1, 2015. She named the former recipients as:

2006-Pat Dickerson 2007 Doris Harris & Mildred Howerton

2008 Fillis Newman 2009 Wanda Meeks

2010 Lois Higgins 2011 Shirley Weston

2012 Thelma Ingram 2013 Pat Gurley

2014 Anita Kantowski 2015 Sarah Gomez

Thelma Ingram gave a report on the idea of OK WOCP INC joining with Missouri, Arkansas, & Kansas to have a convention for the 2016-2017 year. She said that Missouri has made no plans because they do not know who will join them and the decisions should be made jointly. The tentative date for the event is the weekend before Easter. The responsibilities will be divided according to the number of members in each state’s organization. It appears that means that Oklahoma will acquire 25% of the work. In addition, the profits will also be divided based on the number of members or 25% of the profits. All is tentative and to be worked out. The four states will decide a central location for the event.

Each state’s clubs will still be doing things that will not be in conjunction with the convention. The following discussion indicated that Oklahoma was no longer big enough to attract vendors to a convention. This is the case with many states. It was also emphasized that this would be a one year trial and we are not locked into a permanent collaboration. The discussion revealed that Missouri made money on previous events but the amount of profit was not known. The discussion ensued about the lack of support the paint-ins received the last few years. The members indicated that they would support Thelma.

After much discussion Jody Cook made the motion, “OK WOCP INC should join with Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas for planning and executing a convention for the year of 2017.” Anita Kantowski seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

Susan Owen discussed the 2016 Paint-In’s activities and cost. It was requested that all support by attending the Banquet and/or Reception even if they do not attend the Paint-In. The hotel cost is based on the number of meals purchased at these events. The banquet and the reception are excellent ways for the china painters to fellowship and share ideas. The Thursday night reception will host a pajama contest (Categories: Elegant; Funny; Original) and an opportunity to shop the wares of each of the artists who are teaching. Pat Dickerson and Oil Capital China Painters will have booths of blank china from estate donations. Don’t forget the club tables will be judged and recognized as well.

Jody Cook presented information on the EXPO 2015 – Doll Show from September 26, 2015 to September 27, 2015. She offered a free table to anyone wanting to display porcelain. The EXPO will be in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Community Center. A flyer was passed out with all information.

The display of teacups will be judged for an entry fee of $1. The winners will be displayed in the museum. The artists will choose whether or not to auction their cup with proceeds going to the OK WOCP INC.

Susan Owen adjourned the meeting at 11:30 am.

By unanimous action the Board confirmed, approved and ratified all actions taken by the officers of OK WOCP INC and resolved that all such acts and actions were duly authorized and were therefore ratified and confirmed as acts and actions on behalf of OK WOCP INC.

Meeting was adjourned.

Sarah Gomez


Sarah Gomez, Corporate Secretary

The Undersigned, being an officer of OK WOCP INC, does hereby consent to all action taken at said meeting as reflected in the forgoing minutes.

Dated: September 19, 2015

Susan Owen, President

Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters, Inc.

CUP PAINTED BY:                                                                      CUP PURCHASED BY:                                                                          PRICE

1 Paula White 1st Place Stein                                                           Thelma Ingram                                                                                        $60

2 Helen McNabb 1st Place Teacup                                                    Nancy Lepak                                                                                          $50

3 Le Yeatts 1st Place Mug                                                                  Lois Higgins                                                                                           $25

4 Bernetta Stewart                                                                               Kay Kernan                                                                                           $30

5 Pat Wisely                                                                                         Susan Gee                                                                                              $15

6 Ann Truscott                                                                                   Susan Owen                                                                                             $30

7 Ruthanne Reitz                                                                             Sharan Amend                                                                                           $40

8 Loreece Dennis                                                                              Nancy Lepak                                                                                            $50

9 Marilyn Miller                                                                                Inez Herman                                                                                            $20

10 Lois Higgins                                                                                        No Mug

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Total Income $320

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