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A copy of the following minutes signed by Susan Owen, OKWOCP State President, and Sarah Gomez, Recording Secretary, is in the official record book.




The Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters, Inc. meeting was called to order by Susan Owen at 1:15 pm on April 18, 2015 at the World Organization of China Painters Museum.

Sarah Gomez called roll. There were 41 of 46 voting members present. A quorum is one-third of the voting members plus three state officers. The quorum was met.

Shirley Weston, Recording Secretary, read the Minutes of the meeting held at 10:00 a. m. of the same day. The Minutes were approved.

No treasurer’s report was given as the last meeting was at 10 am of the same morning.

Susan Owen, President requested volunteers for a nominating committee to fill the position of 2 Vice-President. (This person will be the president for the year of 2016-2017.) There were no members who volunteered. Susan Owen then requested nominations for the nominating committee to fill the 2 Vice-President position. No one was nominated. The meeting continued to the next item.

Susan Owen announced that there would be a cup painting contest at the September 19, 2015 Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters, Inc. meeting. (This will include mugs, cups, or tankards and cups with saucers.) The entry fee will be $1 per cup, mug, or tankard. Susan encouraged members to buy porcelain from the museum gift shop.

The members were reminded that the painting retreat in April of 2016 had the theme for our upcoming year is “The Wonder of China Painting.” This theme is being represented by the story of Alice in Wonderland.

The Friday night reception at the April Painting Retreat will be in the hospitality room on the 2 floor across from the rooms we paint in.

The 2016 three-day painting retreat will be at the Crown Plaza Southern Hill Hotel, 7902 South Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136 on April 8, 9, and 10. For hotel reservations please call (918) 492-5000 and be sure to mention the Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters, Inc. to receive the special rate of $84 per night. The reception is Friday night and the banquet is Saturday night.

The artists for the retreat are Cheryl Meggs, Ann Zitterkopf, Susan Thumm, and Paula White. Photos of class subject on website

The cost for the retreat is $280. This price includes the three days of painting instruction, three lunches, the firing of your porcelain, and the Friday night reception ticket. To attend the Saturday night banquet you will need to purchase a ticket for $35. It is advised that you call to make your reservation at the time you decide to attend the paint in.

Ann Barton, Chairman of the Museum Balloting Committee, announced the voting results for the piece of porcelain to be displayed at the museum for the year of 2015-2016.

The results are :

1. The Butterfly by Phyllis Knighton

2. Black Pen Work by Nancy Lepak

3. The Turtle with Luster by Thelma Ingram

4. Tray with White & Ruby Roses by Helen McNabb

5. Black Lace by Le Yeatts

6. Autumn Leaves on a Black Background by Shirley Weston

The Youth winners were the Zentangle Lion by Lily Blivens and the Pony by Faith Blivens, age 10.

A five minute break was taken to finish voting on the museum ballots.

Susan Owen handed out the Award Certificates for the members whose work was displayed in the museum for the year of 2014-2015. They were Audelle Owen, Janice Burns, Marilyn Miller, Inez Herman, Shirley Weston, and Thelma Ingram.

Secret judges chose Oil Capital China Painter’s club table as the winner for best table decorations. The table was designed by Lois Higgins and Junita Lohr helped to implement the design.

The following baskets were donated by our clubs for a silent auction.

1. China Dolls’ basket was purchased by Thelma Ingram for $45.

2. Sooner Porcelain Art Club’s basket was purchased by Louise Turner for $45.

3. Indian Paint Brush’s club basket was purchased by Susan Schmidt for $30.

4. Leisure China Painters’ club basket was purchased by Susan Gee for $32.

5. Redbud China Painters’ basket was purchased by Le Yeatts for $46.

6. Oil Capital China Painters’ basket was purchased by Sarah Gomez for $110

7. Edmond Porcelain Artists donated a lovely tile by San Do that was purchased by Kay Kernan for $175.

8. Renaissance China Painters’ basket was purchased by Pat Wisely for $30.

9. Humdingers’ basket was purchased by Le Yeatts for $76.

10. Evening Shade China Painters gave $200.00 in lieu of a silent auction basket.

11. OKWOCP Teachers Club’s basket was purchased by Shelly Collins for $60.

12. Northeast Oklahoma Porcelain Artists’ basket was purchased by Le Yeatts for $45.

Susan thanked the clubs for the basket donations and the club members for their generosity in purchasing the baskets.

By unanimous action the Board confirmed, approved and ratified all actions taken by the officers of OK WOCP INC and resolved that all such acts and actions were duly authorized and were therefore ratified and confirmed as acts and actions on behalf of OK WOCP INC.

Meeting was adjourned.


Sarah Gomez, Recording Secretary

The Undersigned, being an officer of OK WOCP INC., does hereby consent to all action taken at said meeting as reflected in the foregoing minutes.

Dated: April 18, 2015


Susan Owen, President

Oklahoma World Organization China Painters, Inc.

April 18, 2015 OKWOCP Minutes of annual meeting at 10:00 am at the museum in OKC. A copy signed by Shirley Weston, Recording Secretary, and Susan Owen, OKWOCP President, is in the official book of minutes.


I. Meeting called to order by Susan Owen

II. Roll call...13 clubs represented by their delegates, ? Past presidents, see sign in sheet.

III. Reading of the January 2015 board minutes corrected and accepted

IV. Treasurers report by Jeralee McNeal...$5,734.39 current balance (see attached)...

V. Education Fund $9,900.83 and CDs $47,401.01 (see attached)

VI. New business

VII. A. Pat Dickerson moved that the Oklahoma WOCP, inc join the WOCP for the year 2015-16. Seconded...passed

B. Leisure Club, Oklahoma City, has hosted and will again this year, host the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority ladies for a pen work on ornaments workshop. They brought in one new member last year and hope for more this year. They are requesting $50 from the educational fund to purchase supplies. Motion made by by Anita Kantowski, seconded and passed. See attached

C. Inez Herman pointed out that our $50 educational fund availability to clubs and those requirements, need to be in the Standing Rules. Lois Higgins suggested that the bylaws committee meet about this and that it be tabled until the September board meeting. It was tabled.

D. Sooner China painters, Oklahoma City requested $50 from the educational fund to host the Red Hat ladies to do a pen work workshop. Pat Gurley moved they be given the funds, seconded and passed. See attached

E. The China Dolls Club requested $50 from the Educational Fund to reimburse them for the table rental at the Tulsa Fired Arts Show where they represented WOCP. See attached. Adrienne Mauch moved they be given the money, seconded and passed.

F. State fair of Oklahoma. Fillis Newman an reported on the live competition judging for the fair. This year it is a 5"x7" tile of scenery. Instead of putting this piece in the regular judging, it is judged separately on a special day as a separate competition. The 3 place prizes need to equal $100. That means the second and third places need to be raised from $15-$20 and $25-$30 with the first place remaining at $50. A total increase of $10. This was made into a motion, seconded and passed.

G. Anita Kantowski moved that Fillis be reimbursed the $10 for the 2014 competition. Seconded and passed.

H. The April 8,9, & 10, 2015 paint in raffle, $6.00 per ticket was discussed.

I. Lois Higgins moved that the Oklahoma WOCP, Inc. pay the $100 display table fee to the WOCP Biannual convention and that Oklahoma pay $200 for mileage assistance to Janet Crain or Dorothy Anderson for taking and displaying the Oklahoma exhibit pieces. Seconded and passed.

V. New Business

A. Thelma Ingram reported that Missouri had contacted her to see if Oklahoma would be interested in going together with Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas to have a regional 4 state convention in 2017. She moved that today we just decide whether or not we wanted to meet to discuss it and hear the ideas being presented. Seconded and passed. See attached

B. Junita Lohr moved that we send a committee of three along with Thelma to represent Oklahoma and ask questions to be presented at the Sept. Board meeting. Seconded, passed...Lois Higgins, Kathy Sutherland and Pat Gurley along with Thelma ingram will attend.

Discussion...Lois pointed out that Kansas nor Arkansas are legally non profit...pat Dickerson pointed out how small Kansas and Arkansas was suggested that we send questions to this committee to be addressed during the meeting.

C. Lois Higgins reported our attorney representing our non profit status said the IRS was still working on it, but that they are slow and we are fine.

D. Lois also reported that our attorney very strongly recommended we hire a professional, non profit CPA outside our organization to handle our audit and filings. She moved that we hire a professional, non profit CPA as our auditor. Seconded and passed.

Added note, the usual filing fee is around $100 to $150, and Lois is interviewing accountants whose average price is around $200.

E. Susan Owen reported we now have Quick Books for non profit.

F. Delegates to the WOCP biannual convention 2015 are Janet Crain and Dorothy Anderson...alternated are Le Yeatts and Shelly Collins

G. The Pauline Salyer Award was presented by Shirley Weston to Sarah Ann Gomez.

H. Memorial mention of our departed china painting sisters...Susan Jackson, Ilene Hanley, Sybil Reid and Sammy Croy.

I. Installation of officers for 2015-16...Alice in Wonderland. Pat Gurley painted lovely pieces for each on the incoming officers and did a fabulous installation ceremony. The new officers are:

President.....................Susan Owen

1st Vice President.......Lois Higgins

President elect............Thelma Ingram

2nd Vice President

Recording Secretary....Sarah Gomez

Treasurer.....................Sharan Amend

Historian......................Junita Lohr

Webmaster..................Sarah Gomez

Parliamentarian...........Inez Herman

By unanimous action the Board confirmed, approved and ratified all actions taken by the officers of OK WOCP INC. and resolved that all such acts and actions were duly authorized and were therefore ratified and confirmed as acts and actions on behalf of OK WOCP INC.

Being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Shirley Weston

Corporate Secretary

The Undersigned, being an officer of OK WOCP INC., does hereby consent to all action taken at said meeting as reflected in the foregoing minutes.


Susan Owen




JANUARY 17, 2015


Meeting called to order by Pres. Susan Owen

Prayer by Shirley Weston

II. Club & past president roll call...attendance sheet sent around. Clubs in attendance.......................13 Past presidents in attendance......10 Members in attendance.................23

III. Minutes of the SEPT. Meeting read and approved

IV. Treasurers report by Jeralee McNeal. (Reports attached) Balance in checking account.........$4,944.96 Education Fund.............................$9,897.17 CD #2727......................................$1,800.57 CD #2860817................................$15,207.97 CD #2204326................................$13,181.38 CD #751604030............................$7,270.39

V. Committee report A). Nominating committee, Anita Kantowski...have one person to contact still, let her know if anyone has suggestions. B). Webmaster, Susan Gomez...the web page is available to all of the clubs to feature upcoming events, announcements, and functions. Anyone can post pictures to share, and she is developing a lesson section.

VI. Old Business

A). Non-profit status, Lois Higgins...not present, but everything up to date.

B). Fired art show in Broken Arrow. Discussion was held and it was decided to contact Ann Barton to notify us sooner next year so that we might have more time to prepare.

C). Annual Board Meeting...before this Susan Owen announced she had absolutely no officers for this coming year, 2016. Sarah Gomez will be reporting secretary Anita Kantowski will be corresponding secretary Sharan Amend will be treasurer Ann Walker...historian, if she won't take it then Cathy Holland Still no Vice President nor pres. Elect. Annual Board Meeting...April 18, 2015 Place...WOCP Museum in Okla. city. Club tables need to be finished setting up by 9 a.m. Susan will be present Friday, April 17, for clubs to set up if desired. Tables are to be draped, cost to rent is $25.00. Decoration the theme of the seasons, club decoration winner will get their $25.00 back. send money to Jeralee by Feb. 18, 2015. Tables can be shared by clubs Lunch will be catered by Chuck House for $10.00 Reservations for luncheon plus $10 need to be received by Jeralee by March 18. Club voting delegate names need to be submitted to Anita Kantowski ASAP. Voting on the Museum selection for the year China bingo, donations needed

D). April 2016 painting retreat Crown Plaza Hotel, Tulsa, Okla. April 8, 9, & 10, 2016 Artists: Cherryl Meggs..........going wild with roses Susan Thumm..........dragonfly & lotus blossom Paula White..............lighthouse scene Ann Zitterkopf...........violet box with embellishments Cost...$280.00. This includes 3 day seminar, porcelain piece for class, firing, lunches, and Friday night reception. This does not include Saturday night banquet. The cost for this is $35.00, and needs to be sent to Susan Owen because of treasurer change. Deposit of $140.00, NON REFUNDABLE, sent to Susan Owen List first, second and third choices of teachers, first money in is more assured of first choice. Price for the hotel is $84.00 plus tax


A). Voting on being a WOCP member tabled for annual board meeting.

B). Pauline Salyer award registration sheets passed out. Shirley Weston requested they be returned to her, or left at the Museum for her by ?

C). Pat Dickerson retired as trustee, nominated Kathy Sutherland. 2nd and passed

D). We have to file state and federal taxes, should we have a professional, non-profit accountant handle this matter. Anita Kintowski moved to allow Susan Owen to contact a non-profit professional accountant to find out his/her price of filing our taxes, for Susan to contact the board for their vote by email or phone. (since they have to be files by April, there is not time to wait for the next board meeting). Seconded and passed.

E). Quick Books: Jody Cook moved that we invest in a "quick books" program to keep our books. Seconded and passed.

F). Oklahomas donation to the WOCP show in Mobil, Alabama. nita Kantowski suggested water bottles for the hospitality bags. Seconded, passed.

G). Susan Owen received a bunch of tickets to sell from the WOCP show president, Kirsten Bradley. The funds would be divided between the WOCP museum and the Wounded Warriors Assoc. There was discussion and most disagreed with dividing the funds that way. We know nothing about the Wounded Warriors assoc., and do not approve of sending them out money when the Museum needs it to pay our bills. Also discussed was whether or not Kirsten had board approval for this action. Pat Dickerson moved we send the tickets back stating our disagreement with this distribution of WOCP funds and did not intend to sell any. Seconded and passed.

H). Inez Herman moved that Ok WOCP, inc use money from the Okla. Educational Fund to fund the cost of one

(1) registration to the April 3016 painting retreat in the amount of $280.00, for a drawing at the January 2016 Board Meeting. Each ticket would sell for $6.00 and the person would not need to be present to win. The winner can keep or transfer this to any person of their choosing. Seconded and passed.

I). Fillis Newman announced the upcoming seminar with Mary Gosden for June 15-16-17 or 18-19-20, would cost $250.00 Thank you to the Sooner China Painters for a wonderful lunch. White elephant auction to follow By unanimous action the Board confirmed, approved and ratified all actions taken by the officers of Ok WOCP Inc and resolved that all uch acts and actions were duly authorized and were thereby ratified and confirmed as the acts and actions on behalf of the Ok WOCP Inc. There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.

Shirley Dyer Weston Recording Secretary The Undersigned, being an officer of OK WOCP INC, does hereby consent to all action taken at said meeting as reflected in the foregoing minutes

Date:___________________________ Susan Owen President

Photos of Sep 20, 2014 Board Meeting

Minutes of September 20, 2014 board meeting

Minutes of Oklahoma WOCP, Inc. Board meeting Sept. 20, 2014 Museum

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by President Susan Owen.

Lois Higgins gave the prayer.

Sign in roll sheet was passed. There were 6 Past Presidents and 7 clubs represented.

The minutes of the past Board meeting were read and approved.

Treasurers Report: End Report for 2013-2014 year, and Educational Fund Report

The total for the 2013-2014 year is $4095.03.

The Educational Fund amount is $47,352.86.

Webmaster/Yearbook Sarah Gomez passed out the new yearbooks. Club members present took the

books for their club. The yearbook is also posted on the OKWOCP, Inc. site.

Fillis Newman reported on the OK State Fair. There were 205 entries, up from 154 last year.

Best of Show winners were: Louise Turner (beginner); Le Yeatts (advanced), and Susan Schmidt (open).

Nominating Committee: Anita Kantowski announced that we still needed a Second Vice President.

This term will be for the 2016-2017 year. Anyone interested, please contact Anita Kantowski.

Old Business:

Lois Higgins hopes to get the final papers for the Federal Tax Exempt status for OK WOCP, Inc. by the

end of this month. All other paperwork has been completed.

OK WOCP, Inc. now has a Facebook page. Please check out our website, and join the Facebook page.

New Business:

Thank you to China Dolls for providing lunch. (Delicious!)

Susan Schmidt spoke about getting contributions, grants, etc., to be used for a facelift for the Museum.

A meeting will be held Oct. 13 at Nancy Lepak’s house to discuss the future of the OK City Clubs Open

House. All members are welcome to attend.

Jody Cook gave out a flyer for the Doll Show event this coming Sat and Sunday at Midwest City.

Ann Barton gave information about the Tulsa Ceramic/Fired Arts/ Arts and Crafts group event. The

dates are March 28, 29, 2015 in Broken Arrow. There will be competitions, including one for china 

Minutes of April Board Meeting by President Lois Higgins

Oklahoma W.O.C.P. Inc.

Board Meeting

April 4, 2014

Crowne Plaza Hotel Tulsa, Ok


I. Call to Order: At 5:00 p.m. by President Lois Higgins

II. Prayer: Prayer given by Lois Higgins.

Roll Call: Conducted by sign-in and verbally. There were 27 people signed in, of that number there were 9 Past Presidents, all the clubs except Edmond Porcelain Artists were represented and all elected delegates were present except 5 (see sign in sheet and roll call lists attached).

III. Minutes: Minutes of the January 18 meeting were approved as circulated with the correction submitted by Shirley Weston related to the need to precede with bylaws revisions at the spring meeting.

IV: Treasurers report: Marilyn Miller reported that there is a total of $13,043.08 in the checking account. The report is attached. The date on the report should read April 2, 2014. Marilyn asked that two people have their money refunded for the paint-in; one due to illness, the other due to the cancellation of one artist. Shirley Weston moved that the funds be refunded, seconded by Susan Owen. Passed by voice vote.

V. Standing Committee Reports:

     Bylaws: Shirley Weston: Deferred to new business

     Publicity and State Editor: President Lois Higgins: no report

     Extension and Membership: Junita Lohr: Junita reported on the number of new members per club. They are: China Dolls 1, Hummingbirds                                                         3, Northeast Okla. Porcelain Artis,2, Oil Capital 2, Red Bud, 3, Teachers 2.

Fine Arts:

Oklahoma City: Fillis Newman reported that the “Live Contest” at the Okla. State Fair is approved. Further information will be posted on the Okla. WOCP web site.

Tulsa: Kathy Holler-Ryle: Kathy reported that some categories have been removed. She will also l have information on the website.

Nominating Committee: Kathy Holler- Ryle submitted the nominating committee report (attached).

Anita Kantowski moved that the slate be accepted by acclamation, seconded by Shirley Weston. Passed by voice vote.

The second vice-president position is still unfilled. A nominating committee was selected to fill this position. They are:

Anita Kantowski: chair

Susan Jackson

Shelly Collins

Shirley Weston

Ann Truscott

Nancy Lepak moved that the committee be approved, seconded by Junita Lohr. Passed by voice vote. Thanks to Oklahoma teachers for agreeing to serve for 2014-15, to Susan Owen for agreeing to serve as president for two years, and to Lois Higgins for serving as president for this year

Grants & Scholarships: Lois reported that until the “Not for Profit” status is official we cannot apply for grants.

Pauline Salyer Award: No report

Oklahoma W.O.C.P. State Funds: Jeralee McNeal reported that there is $9,888.38 in savings and $47,104.25 in CD’s. The CD due dates are July, August (2) and 2015 (2)

VI. Old Business:

Non-Profit Status: Lois reported that the process continues. The Federal grantors have asked for more data.

By-laws changes: Deferred until status granted. Needed changes can be made with standing rules changes.

Painting Retreat: Going well.

VII: New Business:

Bylaw Standing Rules

Shirley Weston moved that the following changes be made to the Standing Rules:

Add number 10: The webmaster shall now be an officer of the State Organization with the following responsibilities: Maintain the Oklahoma World Organization of China painters, Inc. website with inclusion of Bylaws, Minutes of the state organization, Club membership roster, state and club programs, announcements, seminars and pertinent news effective April 2014.

Seconded by Retha Falkenberry. Passed by voice vote.

Add number 11: The MidFirst Bank shall be the permanent checking account bank for the state organization, whereby any branch bank may be used to transact business: Seconded by Anita Kantowski. Passed by voice vote.

Change proposed to SR 6: At the State meeting after the new officers are installed, excess funds over $1000 will be transferred to the State Savings Account. If there is not $1000 in the operations account the difference will be transferred from the State savings account to the operations account. Seconded by Sarah Gomez. Passed by voice vote.

Cost of printing Yearbook: Lois reported that the cost is $8.00 to print the yearbooks each year. Asked if dues should be raised to cover this cost. Discussion of options ensued. The result was a decision to continue printing (due to lack of accessibility to the web for some members-especially in NW Okla.) Sarah Gomez volunteered to do the year book and to try to cut the costs to $5.00 by condensing some of the pages.

Museum Ballot committee: Pat Dickerson and Anita Kantowski did the counting this year. The following people volunteered to serve on the committee next year: Ann Baton, (chair) Janet Crain, and Junita Lohr.


Meeting adjourned at 5:40

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Tillman,

Recording Secretary

Minutes of January 18, 2014 OK-WOCP Board Meeting

Send comments and corrections to Lois Higgins:

& Marilyn Miller:

Minutes of April 5, 2014 OK-WOCP Board Meeting

Tulsa, Oklahoma


The meeting was called to order by new President, Susan Owen, immediately after the annual meeting.

There was no roll call.

Susan Owen thanked the Past Presidents for taking offices for the coming year.

A second Vice-President is still needed.

The theme for the coming two years is “Painting the Seasons.”

The next Board meeting will be Sept. 20, 2014, at the WOCP Museum. China Dolls will provide the lunch. There will be demonstrations, a raffle, and fun.

On Jan. 17, 2015, the Board will again meet at the WOCP Museum. Sooner Porcelain Art will provide

the lunch. Two possible demonstration subjects will be a summer scene, and a parrot. There will also be a raffle.

On April 18, 2015, the OK WOCP, Inc. will meet at the WOCP Museum for our annual display. Lunch will

be available and we will vote for the pieces for the Museum.

Susan Owen then adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted –

Anita Kantowski, OK WOCP, Inc. Corresponding Secretary

Temporary Recording Secretary

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