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Oil Capital China Painters Club meets in the Kaiser Libriary in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a Member of Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc, a nonprofit organization. In the State and local Bylaws is states that the purpose of our organization is to “educate and encourage artists, connoisseurs and patrons of the fine art of china porcelain painting.” Our Club take the words to heart by monthly demonstration with members painting along by learning new subjects and techniques to ensure personal development and growth in our porcelain painting.

The Oil Capital Club is always looking for Fundraiser events to assist financiallly and look for locations to display our art form. Many of our Club Members visit the new Victoria Tea Room in Tulsa, OK. Making the acquaintenance with the owner we inquired if our local Club would be permitted to display our handpainted porcelain and would she permit us have a Christmas Tree with hand painted porcelain ornaments to sell to benefit the Club. The Victoria Tea Room was delighted and gave us the 22” deep by 42” tall by 80” wide window space. The two requirements, we would be that set up the window and that the Tea Room would need to benefit financially [Tea Room received 10% of the sale proceeds, and 90% proceeds went to our Cub]. This event brought attention to the art form, we met our obligation to display our works of art and the Club sold around 40 holiday ornaments. This event was put together is just 2 months from inception to completion. The window display was set up from Thanksgiving to January 1; however the Tea Room owner, requested the display for another 3 weeks. In addition, the Club has agreed to have a Mothers Day display and all items in the window will be for sale.

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