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1. Shirley Weston-Blueberries, Wanda Meeks-Rooster,3.Wanda Meeks- scene

Second Row-

Wanda Meeks- Poppy Box, Pat Gurley-Rose vase,Wanda Meeks-Garlic tray,Anita Kantowski- Stairs

Row 3

Judges Dorothy Anderson and Bernetta Stewart making their decision on the "Live Christmas Ornament" compition

Shirley Weston 1st place, Bonita Ackney 2nd place and Adrienne Mauch 3rd....congratulations to all the winners!

Row 4




Jun3, 12, 2017:

Note from Fillis jackson

It is time to get ready for the State Fair of Oklahoma!!!

I hope that you have started your artwork for the State Fair..I have several pieces finished! so far I have a fruit and nature done a portrait started and small roses started! I can't wait to see what you have for the FAIR!!

The theme this year is Bigger,Better,Best...the dates are Sept.14-24.The website is... you can go to this site and register for the competitions starting Thursday June 1 9:00 am - August 15 till 5:00 pm, Registrations are NO LONGER open to Midnight 8-15.

You can only register online...there will be no more paper registrationsThe "LIVE CONTEST" this year will be Christmas Ornaments,2 or 3 dimensional...Let's show them our artistic creativity...this competiton is Sept.15 you register on line for this to.

I can't wait to see what you have done...Let's make this fair "bigger,Better" this year!!! 


Egg contest at the fair first place,Shirley Weston, second place,Fillis Newman,third place Ruthanne Reitz

**August 5, 2016

Good Evening Ladies and Gents...

It seems like time flys so fast! it was just spring and here it is almost fall and with it comes the State Fair of Oklahoma!! It is time to get those entries in for the fair.I have fallen down

on my job this year so much has happened! You need to get your entries in by AUGUST 15th,you can do it online just go to they have directions on where to go and how to do it, and yes we are one of the few state fairs that still accecpt paper (mail in) regestrations they can be printed off from the website also.

Don't forget that we are having another "Live contest" it is on eggs and the the subject is anything SPRINGTIME! I am working on mine hope you are also I think that it will be fun this year.... I am looking forward to see what you have painted this year...remember you have the chance to win 50. for first 35. for 2nd and 25. for third!


Let's make it a wonderful year at the fair!

Fillis Newman

fillisn@cox.net8:01 AM (14 hours ago)

to me

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

There has been a lot happening this year...and I am getting a late start this year...I haven't been bothering you this year like I did last year..but I am starting now! The State Fair starts in 82 days so we had better get our porcelain out and brushes to moving!!!Turn on the Music get things going,Lots of categories to choose from ...choose from! You can paint one for each one!!! HA HA! do at least 2-4 pieces that would be a good start!

Our "Live Competition" has been growing! Last years scenes were beautiful. This year the "Live Competition" is on eggs, they can be from Hen size to a 6", it can be a box or lying,standing. The Theme this year is "SPRINGTIME"..what fun!! I can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

Looking forward to seeing you at the State Fair of Oklahoma!

fillisn@cox.net9:54 PM (25 minutes ago)

to me

I can't believe that the fair is here!

Today we had the Live Compitition and it was great! We had 10 beautiful entries and 2 wonderful judges,Bernetta Stewert and Thelma Ingram.They had a hard time choosing the winners! The winners are :3rd place-Ruthanne Reitz, 2nd place-Anita Kantowski,1st place- Fillis Newman. Congratulations and Congratulations to the Artist that entered,they are:

Wanda Meeks,Loreece Dennis,Dorothy Anderson,Sharan Amend,Fern Lynch,Phyllis Knighton, We are so grateful for your support and participation.

The Best of Catagories are :

Novice-Kim Blivens

Advanced Ametuer-Sharan Amend

Open - Fillis Newman

Congratulations to all that entered whether you won ribbons or not YOU are WINNERS!!

Here are some pictures of the wonderful artwork.

Thank you again...until next year...

Fillis, Thank you for Photos!!

Note # 2 from Fillis on July 18 2015I am so excited about the Competitions and exhibits at the Great Oklahoma State Fair this Year!!!

We have the new "Live Judging Compton" we are doing Scenes on 5x7" tiles this Compton is sponsored by the Oklahoma World of Organization of China Painters Inc. so enter and have a chance to win! Whether you Live in Tulsa, Ada or Alva or Miami...We would love to see your beautiful Art displayed in the big glass cases at the Oklahoma State Fair!

The Exhibits were beautiful last year more entries and the art work was breathtaking! I can't wait to see YOUR Work there this year! and maybe you will get a big purple ribbon too!

The Dates for registering for the fair, you need to have your registration needs to be in by August can do it on line starting July can registered at OklahomaState

Right now we have 60 days to get it done!! I hope to see you there!

If you have any questions you can call me at 405-634-6292 or you can email me at

Photos from Nancy Lepak. Thank You Nancy. If anyone knows the artist who painted each piece please let me know.

Note from Fillis on July 18 2015

I am writing to let you know that the Oklahoma State Fair is coming up. I am so excited about this year...we did so well last year that I am hoping that we can do even better and with your help we can!

We are having another "live Judging" this year the subject is Scenes on a 5x7 tile. The fair calls it a Live Competition but that is meant as a "live Judging" meaning that your finished tile will be judged live at this event you won't be painting the tiles live. With this event your will receive free parking where the vendors park and free admission to the fair, the free admission is just for you if you bring a friend with you they will have to pay to get in.

The Artist wining First will receive $50 Second will receive $35 and third will win $25. WOULDN'T THAT BE FUN!!!!! This computation is being sponsored by the Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc.

You can register your entries to the fair on line at registration begins July 1-August 15th...I will be sending this out to all Clubs as well and will be including paper registration forms.

the dates that you need to have your pieces of Art to the fair will be Saturday September 12,10:00am-4;00pm andSunday,September 13,11:00AM-4:00PM

We are looking forward to a wonderful year this year,More pieces of art shown! Encourage your painting friends...challenge them as I have a couple of my painting friends! I challenge you to enter!!!

come and enjoy the display and see if you or a friend has won a ribbon or 2!!

Looking forward to seeing you at the fair!!


Fillis Newman

P.S.If you have any questions just call me or email me at

****Note from Fillis on May 6, 2015

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I am so excited about this years "LIVE" Competition... when we started discussing this years subject..the idea of Landscapes and we went into the size..settled on 5x7 tiles. We thought that this was a good ladies we have changed the word...Landscapes to Scenes...Scenes covers more subjects such as landscapes,rural scenes,cityscapes, english cottage scenes. I hope that this is a good thing and will help you do a wonderful Scene for the Live competition!

Let's Paint a Scene and join in the Competition...last year we had 4 entries let's have more this year!!! You could win 1st place...that's 50.00 in your pocket!

Let me explain that "LIVE" means Live judging...We Will NOT be painting our scenes there at the fair!

I am painting for the Live and the Fair competition...I am looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful art displayed at the GREAT STATE FAIR OF OKLAHOMA!!

Happy Painting,

Fillis Newman

PS. If you have any questions please let me know..I will do my best to answer them.

***Note from Fillis on May 6, 2015:

April 29, 2015 Note from Fillis about Fair:

We are so looking forward to the Great State Fair of Oklahoma!!

We are Wishing,Hoping and Wanting you to Participate in the Fair....We have a competition for everyone! Now is the time to start your Purple Ribbon Piece..We have raised our numbers up to 205 and we are wanting to go BIGGER AND MORE...

We have a new Idea, A "Live Competition"

This is a competition that you Paint the piece at home and bring the FINISHED piece of Art to the Hobby Arts building on a given date and have it judged Live and in person..First,second and third wins cash prizes and of course ribbons! We had a good time last year with the 4 entries we had and I am sure that we will grow from here!

Last year was "Baby's first Ornament" we completed ornaments with Christmas Ideas for babies first ....

This year our theme is "Landscapes" on a 5x7 tile...this landscape can be a rural to a cityscape.. this will be a fairly easy subject to paint.

We will also be demonstrating on the same day as the "Live" competition...Soo I will be asking some of you for your help!

Don't forget to paint for the regular competition and fill the we always do!

SO you better get those brushes to swinging and the china to rattlin' have 140 days.....

Thanks and see you at the fair!


From: <>

> To:

> Subject: could you pleeeeze


> Sarah could you Please post this on the site I sure would appriciate it. Thanks Fillis






> If you haven't started your pieces for the fair it is that time ...we need to get busy I know that I am! We did such a wonderful job last year..we were up from the year before. LETS DO IT EVEN BETTER!! I am going to try to double what I did last year,can you do the same?? Don't say No..say I will try!


> We are working on some new things and hope you will join in the fun!


> Looking forward to seeing you and talking to you about the fair and compitions...See ya in the following weeks!

****March 1 2015

Note from Fillis Newman (Oct 10):

Dear Oklahoma Members

I would like to say a great big Thank You to each and everyone of you that entered the State Fair Of Fair of Oklahoma! We had 205 entries we were up from 154 quite a jump and I am Thrilled!

Heres a Big

Thank You!!!!!!

Sep 23, 2014: photos from OKC State Fair

(If anyone has OKC Fair Entry Photos, please send to )

Aug 11, 2014 Note from Fillis Newman:

As you know I am working on the State Fair of Oklahoma and I am asking and each state club and members as well as non-members to participate in the State Fair.My goal is to get more artwork in all categories and showing to fill the cases! I would love to retake the end case ..I know that we can do it ..we have done it in years past..Let's get it done!



Oklahoma City, OK

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