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Pauline A. Salyer Founder Award


[Award commenced 2006]

Revised: May 1, 2018


1. NAME of person being nominated (please print):

2. Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc. Club(s) where current membership? Include all club names. How many years membership in each club? Associate Membership in what Clubs?

3. What offices have you held in your local Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc. Club?

4. How long have you been a member of the Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc.?

5. What offices have you held in Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc.?

6. Have you been a Chairman of a Committee for Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc.? If yes, what Committee’s?

7. How have you participated in the Oklahoma City and/or Tulsa State Fairs? If, yes, what years or how many years in each state fair. Did you exhibit your hand painted porcelain/china? Did you demonstrate at the Fair? Which state Fair? If yes, how many years have you done so?

8. Have you started a new Club in Oklahoma? If yes, Club(s) name(s): Is Club still a Member of Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc.?

9. Have you encouraged new members to join the organization? If Yes, how many over the years?

10. Have you attended an Art Institute? Yes or No. How many did you attend?

11. Have you attended a World Organization of China Painters Show? Yes or No. If yes, how many times and where?

12. Have you helped with a State Convention? How many times? What states?

13. Have you served on the World Organization of China Painters Board? If yes, what position(s) did you hold?

14. Do you now teach a class in china painting? Beginning? Intermediate? Advanced? Where? How many classes per week do you teach?

15. Have you taught classes in the past? Where?

16. Being a teacher, are you an active member of Okla. WOCP Teachers Club? If yes, describe benefit. If no, explain why you do not participate in Club.

17. Have you demonstrated for Clubs and/or any State Conventions? If yes, how many times and what Clubs or Conventions?

18. Name any other contributions you have made to the success of our Organization, both on the State and World levels.

19. Have you been accepted to any other juried art show or exhibition and give art medium? If yes, name/year. 20. Have you participated or assisted in the W.O.C.P. Teachers program? 21. What assistance have you given to the W.O.C.P. Museum?

20. List all activities on a separate piece of paper telling about your contribution to China Painting in Oklahoma, United States and at a World level. BE SPECIFIC AND GIVE ALL EXAMPLES.

21. Are you a member of any other fine arts organizations? If yes, please list organization name.

22. Do you belong to the Oklahoma Museum Association located in Oklahoma City? If yes, how long? If yes, do you attend the meetings?

23. Have you been an officer or Committee member of the Tri-State convention? What year?  

Please add extra pages if you need to complete this form because we are interested in everything you have done and are doing for our art and our Organization. Use a separate sheet to explain in detail your interests and participation in promoting china painting in the Oklahoma WOCP Inc. organization.


Print Name (nominee)

DATE: ________________, 2018


Signature (nominee)

[Your signature gives Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc. permission to publicize the contents of this questionnaire to the selection committee for the purpose of the Pauline A. Salyer Founder Award.]

FORM DUE: April 1, 2018 and return original via US Mail to:

Anita Kantowski, Chairman

1318 Cherrystone Street

Norman, OK 73072

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