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Susan & Bill Schmidt


Thu, Sep 29, 11:39 AM (4 days ago)

to Susan

Hi Family and Friends,

I have been painting environmental art for the past several years and currently have an exhibit at the Midwest City Library at 8143 East Reno, near Tinker AFB (east of Midwest Blvd). I take it down this Saturday, October 1st. Sorry I didn’t think to send this earlier. I was going to include the attachment in my Xmas letter but this way you can see the paintings in color.

I am trying to find other places to exhibit the work before November 8th as one purpose of the exhibit is to encourage people to vote for representatives who will work to reduce the impact of Global Warming which is causing the increase and severity of floods, wildfires, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and other costly weather disasters. Millions of Floridians are without electricity today due to Hurricane Ian.

Food production and the geographical locations where crops will grow is being negatively impacted. It is getting hard to even keep home landscaping alive in this heat and drought. I see established trees and shrubs across OKC dying every day. Imagine how difficult it will be to replant millions of acres of burned forests when our everyday watering and care isn’t enough for our yards. More famines and community displacements are on the horizon around the world from the consequences of Global Warming. Yet many people still put profits over protecting the basics like drinkable water upon which all life on Earth requires.

Scary stuff. At least my paintings are colorful, educational, and the antique cars draw attention. I was invited to join WEAD, Women Eco Artists Dialog because of this exhibit. WEAD is an international organization headquartered in Oakland, CA. I was surprised the artists do more installations than hanging art. For example, one artist recently featured by WEAD constructed metal sculptures underwater that attract corals to grow.

I am very proud of my paintings and hope you will look over the attachment. Bill and I wish you the best in these uncertain times. One step at a time. Take care. Susan

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September 13, 2022

Global Warming is the most serious threat facing humans. Protecting the environment should be a priority of both political parties.

I am using my art to share environmental messages. The messages are not Democrat or Republican except to the extent that some politicians use their positions to protect people and companies who put profits over reducing the serious damage to the water, soil, and air upon which we all depend. We are seeing every day on the news weather related assaults on our neighbors and communities caused by greed. If we cower and can't take a stand to help future generations, what does that say about us? Susan Schmidt

Climate Change Caused by Man

The automobile is the “poster-boy” I have chosen to represent human activity as the primary disruption to the natural balance on earth. The extreme weather and loss of life and property we are witnessing as common occurrences in 2022 is warning us. Continued disregard for the harm we are causing the planet is threatening all life on earth.

Global Warming Coming To A Home Near YOU

Human activity, mainly burning fossil fuels and chopping down forests has caused average temperatures to rise worldwide. Hotter air increases ocean evaporation. A warmer atmosphere holds more water and intensifies weather events. Storms are bigger, heat is more intense and droughts last longer. More severe storms like the “mega floods” recently seen in Las Vegas, Kentucky and other cities and states across the nation result in greater loss of life and property.

Water Threats Threaten Everyone

These t-shirt wearing Manatees inspired by the GEICO commercials call your attention to declining water quality caused by humans such as plastic trash, sewage, and chemical pollution. Manatees & other wildlife need our protection, not our company. Help by keeping your distance, use less plastic, participate in cleanup events, switch to renewable energy, and demand the EPA & elected representatives improve water quality across the world. “We all live downstream” as the saying goes & need access to clean & affordable water.  

The Oceans Are Dying

The world produces nearly 400 million tons of plastic each year. A single plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose. The fossil fuel industry expects to double plastic production by 2034 to keep profits up as demand for fuel for cars is reduced. Fifty percent of plastic is single-use (mostly fast food & packaging). By the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish! If you want to do one thing to help…use reusable water bottles. A second thing? Use reusable grocery bags. A third thing? Say “no thanks” to plastic straws & silverware.

Fires are Burning Bigger, Hotter and Spreading Faster

When I painted this scene in 2018, more than 100 million trees died in California after being weakened by drought & insect infestations from Global Warming. In some areas more than 90% of trees were dead. Scientist warned the dead trees could produce wildfires on a scale & intensity never seen before. We are now seeing such wildfires.

Fires are Burning Bigger, Hotter and Spreading Faster

When I painted this scene in 2018, more than 100 million trees died in California after being weakened by drought & insect infestations from Global Warming. In some areas more than 90% of trees were dead. Scientist warned the dead trees could produce wildfires on a scale & intensity never seen before. We are now seeing such wildfires.

Animals in Peril

Endangered Species are animal or plant species existing in such small numbers they are in danger of becoming extinct. As their populations decrease, the remaining animals lack the genetic diversity needed to remain healthy. Principal factors causing reduced populations include the destruction or pollution of native habitats as happens to loggerhead sea turtles, overhunting such as poaching elephants for their ivory, intentional extermination such as by ranchers killing wolves, and the accidental or intentional introduction of alien species such as avian malaria which is killing native birds in Hawaii. Each species loss has far reaching consequences as John Muir said “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world”.

Renewable Energy- Good for Us & Good for the Planet

While inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night” I imagined looking out America’s asylum window of fossil fuel dependence at a better future with renewable energy. Renewable energy – including solar, onshore & offshore wind, geothermal, and wave & tidal energy projects will help American be part of the climate solution while creating good-paying union jobs. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on Earth. We recently had solar panels installed on our home. It is very entertaining to watch the graphics on our phone app to see in real time how much energy we are producing, how much of that we are using, and how much we import from and/or sell back to OG&E.

Stop Denying the Evidence. Fix the Problems

With all the problems facing the world, Global Warming is the most serious, as it is likely to make the planet uninhabitable without intervention. It concerns me to see individuals, corporations, and government officials ignore the evidence. The consequences are too great. Certainly, it is better to err on the side of caution than support those who would gamble with our safety, plunder our natural resources, & destroy our health and lives for their personal gain.

Superheroes Vote! You can be a voting superhero.

My mother took me into the voting booth with her when I was in elementary school. The sense of responsibility and desire to vote may start in childhood like it did for me, or later upon realizing that each of us can improve the world by voting people of integrity into office. I am concerned with the lack of integrity and lies by some people who should be our role models. But how do we know who is telling the truth? I think it takes using common sense, critical thinking, and research. I also like voting with absentee ballots so I know in advance what is being voted on. That allows me more time to research both the issues and the candidates to make informed decisions. File: art/exhibits/mwc library climate change…/ Climate Change Quotes for WEAD 091322.docx

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