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Oil Capital China Painters


September 8, 2017

Call to Order: At 1:32 pm by President Marilyn Miller.

Invocation: Given by Marilyn Miller.

Members Present: Susan Owen, Junita Lohr, Lois Higgins, Marilyn Miller. (Late-comers: Carol Tillman & Kathy Holler-Ryle). (Not a quorum)

Minutes of last meeting: Approval of minutes was tabled because we did not have a quorum.

Treasurers Report: Given by Lois Higgins: Checking: $169.93. Savings: $2958.18

Committee Reports:

Christmas Party: The party will be held at Susan Owens’s home on December 1 or 2. It will be a cookie exchange. The gift exchange will be a painted ornament. (Carol Tillman received a blank ornament donation. Members may use these for their Christmas Party gift.)

Old Business:

Fair Participation: Members encouraged to enter items in the Fair (the deadline has been extended to Sept. 8). Members will paint at the Fair on Saturday, October 7. The schedule is:

10am-1pm- Retha Falkenberry and Helen McNabb

1pm-4pm: Carol Tillman and Marilyn Miller

5pm-10pm: Lois Higgins and Susan Owen

(Susan Whitley may also be available)

Those working will receive a parking and admission pass.

New Business:

OKWOCPInc Board Meeting will be Saturday, September 23, 10am at the Museum in Ok City. There will be a bake sale by Oil Capital members.. Oil Capital will be donating a basket of nice white china for the OKWOCPInc raffle at the Tri-State Convention. Oil Capital members are encouraged to bring a nice piece of white china for the basket, and an item for the bake sale. Lois and Susan Owen are putting the basket together, and want to take the basket to the OKWOCPInc Board Meeting. Other OKWOCPInc money-making items will be a TV to be raffled and a “wishing well”. .

Seminars: Suggestions for seminars: Kathy Lewis, Jane Wright and Paula White. Susan will investigate.

Lunch for January OKWOCPInc Board Meeting: Oil Capital and NE Teachers will be responsible for lunch for the January Board meeting. Susan suggested the Costco Croissant Sandwiches, chips, dessert and drinks. Members supported this idea.

Estate donation: Carol received two donations from Estates of china painters (given by relatives of the painters). The first was Fannie Fuqua from Poplar Bluff, MO, the second form Mary Ames, NY City. Carol brought the items. Members decided to use these as fund raisers for the club. They consisted of china, paint and “carrying devices”. They were sold at bargain prices. She will bring the remainder to subsequent meetings and will add the unsold paint to the basket of white china for the Tri State show. She shared the outcome of a project of finishing and firing plates that had been started by Mrs. Ames in the 50’s and never fired. The donor will give them to her grandchildren

Drawing for door prize: Omitted due to no quorum present.

Each member is asked to provide a wrapped, nice piece of china for the drawings. We voted to continue with the drawings at the last meeting. Please bring your contribution to next meeting.

Adjournment: At 2:30.

Program: First fire of Poinsettias, pinecones, and chickadee on a 9” bowl, by Lois Higgins.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Tillman


occp min feb 10 

2017 final.docx 

(DOCX — 21 KB)                      No January meeting held



NOVEMBER 11, 2016

Junita Lohr, President, called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. at the Deleware Crossings Condo’s Club House. A prayer was given by Lois Higgins. Members present were Junita Lohr, President; Mary Williams; Carol Tillman; Susan Owen; Helen McNabb; Retha Falkenberry; Ila Church, Treasurer; Marilyn Miller, Auditor; Lois Higgins, Vice-President; and Sarah Gomez, Recording Secretary.

No meeting was held in October; however, the minutes for September 9, 2016 (Sepember minutes were provided by Lois Higgins due to Sarah Gomez’s absence.) were presented and approved with one correction. The correction was on the Treasurer’s report with the $392.36 checking account balanced changed to $392.27 as directed by Ila Church.

Ila Church presented the treasurer’s report. The checking account had a beginning balance of $392.27; income of $743.00; disbursements of $886.68 and an ending balance of $248.59. Oil Capital’s Checking account had a beginning balance of $3,253.41; income of $1.63; disbursements $200.00 and an ending balance of $3,055.04. The total amount of the checking account and the savings account is $3,303.63.

The Shirley Weston seminar cost was $800.

Some members were in our prayers due to illnesses and losses. Janie Thirty has a hard time getting around. Carol Tillman’s son is having surgery. Kathy Holler-Ryle’s son has lost the sight in his good eye and will need prayers as he copes with this situation.

The annual Oil Capital China Painter’s Christmas luncheon will be on December 3, 2016, at Fish Daddy’s. To be entered in the tea cup/saucer drawing you must bring a painted tea cup/saucer or painted mug.

Old Business: The Shirley Weston seminar was a success. Susan requested Mary’s fees be refunded due to her illness. Mary said to let it go.

Doris Harris who recently passed was instrumental in the organization of the OKWOCPINC as well as a charter member of Oil Capital China Painters. Carol Tillman reported that Doris’s daughter, Barbara, gave some of Doris’s painted pieces to the museum.

Motion: Lois Higgins made a motion to donate $100 to OKWOCP in honor and memory of Doris Harris. Motion seconded by Carol Tillman. Motion passed.

Lois asked if the “China Painters Magazine” contained the article Carol Tillman wrote about Doris Harris. Members indicated that no article was in the magazine but another magazine will come out soon. Carol will ask when the article will be published. The article was in Elaine Pino’s email newsletter.

Fair Report by Retha Falkenberry: Oil Capital did well. Lois Higgins won a grand prize. The displays looked very nice.

Trip to Searcy report by Lois Higgins: 9 ladies from Tulsa and 4 ladies from the OKC are attended the Missouri convention in Searcy, Missouri. All ladies had a “ball.” Missouri had 17 members, Oklahoma had 13 members and the rest of the 40 attendees were from Arkansas. The food was great. San Do had an excellent demonstration. Kathy Lewis’s demonstration was very good.

Susan Owen reminded us of the upcoming Tri-State Convention in Arkansas on March 29, 30, and April 1. The number of hospitality bags Oil Capital is responsible to fill has increased from 100 to 150 bags. There have been new bags secured by Thelma that are a little bigger than the first choice. Several studies and other items from Doris Harris’ estate have been secured. Tall medication bottles have been collected to fill with skinny q-tips, toothpicks, etc. Paints have been secured for the bags. Also secured are 75 china pieces wrapped and 90 paper bookmarks. Sarah Gomez is donating vinyl painting mats. OKC has contributed circles to aid in twisting off caps. Lois and Carol have rented a large room in order to put the items in the bags on Thursday before the convention. Sarah and Retha will also be at the convention early to help.

If you wish to have a piece on the Oklahoma display table you must be sure to send a stand. Each WOPC member will receive three separate bid sheets for Oklahoma artists’ work; for Arkansas artists’ work; and for Missouri artists’ work. A box will be provided for each state’s votes.

A new nominating committee was discussed. Susan Owen, Chairman; Lois Higgins; and Sarah Gomez will be the committee to present the new slate of officers for 2017-2016.

Delegates will serve from May 1 to June 1 of each year under the new By-Laws. As of now delegates are Helen, Kathy and Ila. It was decided that every delegate needed an alternate. This task has been tabled until February.


Marilyn Miller presented the auditor’s report for the period of May 1, 2014 through April 30, 2016. The checking account had a beginning balance of $943.19; income of $8959.74; expenses of $9330.90; and an ending balance of $572.03. This is a loss of $371.16. The savings account had a beginning balance of $3050.00; income of $3050 and interest income of $12.02 for a total income of $3900.00; and ending balance of $2602.11 which is a loss of $837.98. Marilyn suggested that since we are spending more that we earn each year we should be more aware of how we spend our money.

Ideas for fund raisers were discussed. Some ideas presented were to enter craft fairs (take 10%); to encourage member to make donations to our club; and to recruit new members.

Lois is working to get permission to display our work at the Hardesty library.

Members were reminded to bring a gift of blank porcelain that is wrapped each year for the drawings at each meeting. They were told to tell the president and secretary when they gave their wrapped, blank porcelain. (They could also opt to write a note to give to the secretary.) The members who bring gifts will be recorded in the minutes.

This month’s drawing winner Carol Tillman. Display Pieces: Ornament with roses by Junita Lohr and the Wreath with Cardinal from Weston seminar by Ila Church.

Lois told the club she is looking into a seminar with Sharon Scholtz. The subject may be a vase with roses and grapes. More information will be provided at the January meeting.

Lois Higgins presented three techniques using luster for our demonstration. The three techniques are (1) pen work with stevia; (2) Dipping Lusters; (3) Gold underlay.

Retha Falkenberry was appreciated and thanked for providing her condo’s club house as a meeting place at the last minute due to the library being closed on Veteran’s Day.

Meeting was adjourned and the demonstration by Lois Higgins began.

Respectfully submitted by Sarah Gomez, Recording Secretary





Meeting called to order by President, Junita Lohr, at 1:40 p.m. at the Herman & Kate Kaiser Library, Tulsa, OK with nine Members present: Junita Lohr, Marilyn Miller, Carol Tillman, Helen McNabb, Lois Higgins, Ila Church, Tana Parks, Mary Williams, and Ila Church in attendance. Susan Owen and Sarah Gomez excused due to immediately family member’s illness.

PRAYER given by Lois Higgins.


April 1 to June 1, 2016 $ 728.03 Checking,

$ 2,602.11 Savings

TOTAL $ 3,330.14

June 1 to September 1, 2016 $ 392.36 Checking

$ 3,253.41 Savings.

TOTAL $ 3,645.77

Treasurer’s Report approved as presented.

MINUTES read by Lois Higgins for Sarah Gomez. Approved as read.

Sunshine Committee report by Lois Higgins is that Susan Owen’s father had surgery yesterday and is in ICU a couple of days then into a regular room. He is doing very well. Sarah Gomez husband (Tommy) is home from surgery and is recovering nicely.

Lois Higgins welcomes two new members to Oil Capital, Mary Williams (present) and Denise Holmes (not present). Both are students of Lois.

President reminded Members of the deadline for Tulsa Fair Entries and that the Entry Deadline was extended to Sept. 9. Take-in Entries along with your confirmation sheet on Sept. 17 between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 the Central Hall at Expo Square. Pick Up Entries on October 10, 2016 from 7:30 1:00 p.m.

Motion was made by Lois Higgins that a donation of $25.00 be made to the World Organization of China Painters to the Color Fund in “Memory of Virginia Wentz of the Oil Capital China Painters Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma”.

Discussion on giving a donation to WOCP in memory of Doris Harris was placed on hold to allow further investigation.

Junita Lohr mentioned the Arkansas WOCP Convention at Searcy, Arkansas on September 30 to October 2, 2016 to encourage members to attend.

Junita Lohr mentioned the Tri-State Convention (Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas) on March 30, 31 and April 1, 2017 in Springfield Missouri. Registration and schedule is on the OKWOCPINC website and members are encouraged to plan on attending and sign up for banquets and paint ins.

Junita mentioned the Okla. WOCP Inc. Quarterly Board Meeting from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 2700 North Portland, Okla. City, OK. Donuts and coffee served at 9:00 a.m., Lunch $7.00; Surprise demonstration, Bingo and an estate sale will be open. Also, take the time to view the new location of the WOCP Museum.

Reminder the Shirley Weston Seminar, Oct. 16, 17 and 18 (Sun., Mon. and Tues) registration is open and will be at the home of Susan Owen, 11621 South 103 East Avenue, Bixby, OK 74008. Cost is $60.00 to members and needs to be paid immediately. The seminar will be opened to nonmembers of the Club, if seminar does not fill.

There will be no Club meeting in the Month of October because the Club is having a three-day seminar.

Marilyn Miller won the drawing and Susan Owen who has the gifts will provide to Marilyn when she is available.

Members had several pieces of porcelain on display. A Picard Artist, Mr. Leroy, with enamel highlights, and with dark, medium and light values strongly depicted. Carol Tillman brought this piece.

Helen McNabb brought a round box with wet grounding with enamel displaying subject were would be doing today.

Junita Lohr showed a small Dresden bowl.

Marilyn Miller displayed several pieces of porcelain with Silkscreen Oil grounding.

Meeting adjourned at 2:13 p.m. and Marilyn Miller presented Silkscreen Oil Grounding.

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Higgins, Vice President

For Sarah Gomez,

Corporate Secretary


By Marilyn Miller

Select dry color paint to ground. Mull it on tile to insure there are no hard specks in the dry paint. Mix with the silkscreen oil until a little thinner than your mixed paints, but NOT runny. It should spread out a little, but not run. Mix thoroughly, don’t leave any specks of dry paint. Then add a drop (or two) of Oil of Cloves, and mix thoroughly. Using your palette knife, spread the mixed color a little on the tile. Using a triangular cosmetic sponge, grasped so that the flat end is a little rounded, pick up paint, and pounce a couple times on the tile. Then pounce on the china, moving the sponge around in different directions. Pick up more paint and continue as needed. Get enough paint on that you don’t have light spots. If doing a large piece, do a section, then go back to where you started and do another section, then back and forth until the piece is covered. Until the mixed paint begins to dry, you can go over it. When it starts to dry, DO NOT go back over the pounced paint! Also, if you scratch or touch your piece, you cannot “fix” it. Take it off and start over. I guarantee it will chip if you try to fix a scratched off mark. Fire at 016 or 017.

*** September 10, 2016

Below is an article for the WOCP Newsletter.

Club News from Oil Capital China Painters, Tulsa, OK; 

Oil Capital China Painters Club of Tulsa, OK, is back after a three month summer break. We were ready to get back to seeing each other and enjoying porcelain painting. In our first meeting we remembered members that passed over the summer, Virginia Wentz and Doris Harris.

We handled our business, made announcements of upcoming 2017 Tri-State Convention (Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas)March 30, 31, and April 1, 2017 in Springfield, Missouri; members were reminded of the deadline for entries for the Tulsa State Fair and the OK WOCP INC. Quarterly Board meeting.

At each meeting it is important that planned painting demonstrations and paint along occurs. We plan one year in advance so that the Club has diverse subject matter. The September meeting Marilyn Miller demonstrated Wet Grounding with Silkscreen Oil and using Clove Oil as the drying agent. The instructions are below. Kathy Peterson of The Good Stuff has Silkscreen Oil for purchase. Most members find this grounding method easier to use than using Grounding Oil.

Marilyn Miller in attached picture 150209.jpg is teaching Mary Williams, a new china painter and new member to Oil Capital, how to mix the dry paint with the Silkscreen Oil and how much Clove Oil to add before pouncing. In picture 150237.jpg is long time member Ila Church, showing how she has placed the Pompadour paint on a saucer and how the color is so very vibrant. This will look great after firing. In picture 150330.jpg Helen McNabb is showing a piece that she pounced with Silkscreen Oil and you may see the beautiful scrolling with enamel to enhance the box. Wet Grounding is a painting method that really takes any piece of porcelain and gives through the vibrant color notice to the piece of porcelain. 

DIRECTIONS – WET GROUNDING (handout)By Marilyn MillerSelect dry color paint to ground. Mull it on tile to insure there are no hard specks in the dry paint. Mix with the silkscreen oil until a little thinner than your mixed paints, but NOT runny. It should spread out a little, but not run. Mix thoroughly, don’t leave any specks of dry paint. Then add a drop (or two) of Oil of Cloves, and mix thoroughly. Using your palette knife, spread the mixed color a little on the tile. Using a triangular cosmetic sponge, grasped so that the flat end is a little rounded, pick up paint, and pounce a couple times on the tile. Then pounce on the china, moving the sponge around in different directions. Pick up more paint and continue as needed. Get enough paint on that you don’t have light spots. If doing a large piece, do a section, then go back to where you started and do another section, then back and forth until the piece is covered. Until the mixed paint begins to dry, you can go over it. When it starts to dry, DO NOT go back over the pounced paint! Also, if you scratch or touch your piece, you cannot “fix” it. Take it off and start over. I guarantee it will chip if you try to fix a scratched off mark. Fire at 016 or 017.

Lois Higgins

​Vice President of Oil Capital China Painters

ClubMember of Oklahoma World Organization of China Painters Inc.​




President, Junita Lohr, Oil Capital China Painters, convened meeting held at the Herman & Kate Kaiser Library, Tulsa, OK at 1:30 p.m. Lois Higgins offered a prayer. Members who were present were: Junita Lohr, Susan Owen, Ila Church, Marilyn Miller, Helen McNabb, Lois Higgins, Kathy Holler-Ryle and Sarah Gomez.

Reminder by Treasurer to pay dues to Oil Capital China Painters for $55.00 and is to be mailed to Ila Church by May 1, 2016. The breakdown of the $55.00 is - $10.00 for Oil Capital, $40.00 for WOCP (dues raised this year), and $5.00 for OK WOCP Inc.

Susan assigned Carol Tillman as hostess for Paula White at the painting retreat for April 8-10. Susan also talked about the PJ party on Friday night and the banquet on Saturday night. The annual board meeting will be after the banquet in the banquet room.

Lois Higgins moved that a $25 to WOCP be donated by Oil Capital China Painters in honor of Alfredo Toledono for all his contributions to porcelain painting. Ila Church seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Drawing was won by Helen McNabb.



Minutes were read by Lois Higgins for Sarah Gomez, Secretary, and approved as read.

Lois Higgins reported on State Bylaws meeting and its success. These Bylaws will be presented for approved at the State’s Annual Meeting.

Members displaying at the Monthly meeting is: Helen McNabb showing Mums which is next month’s paint along class, the pink mums on a plate and the orange/red mums on a platter; Junita Lohr displayed a Bell with Raised Paste and Gold painted by Barbara Jensen; Lois Higgins display two eggs one painted by Sharon Scholz (Snook) and Lily of the Valley egg painted by Lois Higgins; Retha Falkenberry displayed Jean Flagg’s oval platter with Wild Roses - this was Retha’s first china painter teacher in California and this piece was given to Retha after her husband passed. A small plate dated 1971 painted by AK Johns was also displayed.

Lois Higgins

Lois Higgins will bring snacks in February and Susan Owen will bring snack in March.

The lunch cost will be $7.00. It will be chili, spaghetti, salad and dessert.

Also, the “Adopt the Museum for a Day” promotion will be discussed at the meeting. This promotion is requesting $53 from each club that is a member of the World Organization of China Painters.

Lois Higgins reported that the Oil Capital’s painted-china display was well received. Most of the ornaments sold and many of the display pieces would have sold if they had been for sale.



Lois is talking to Braums to obtain paper bag with handles for the use as hospitality bags. Fifty bags are needed.


The club discussed the qualifications for the Pauline Salyer Founders Award. The deadline is February 1. Oil Capital China Painters requested that Susan Owen and Marilyn Miller fill out the questionnaire for this award.



Sarah Gomez read the minutes and they were approved with one correction. The year of our program was changed from 2015-2015 to 2015 – 2016.


Susan Owen (our current OK WOCP State President) talked about the September 19, 2015 OK WOCP Board Meeting. There will be a cup contest (teacup, stein, mug, etc.) as well as a drawing for a free Painting Seminar for April 2016. The cost of the tickets is $6 for one ticket or $15 for three tickets. The afternoon activities will be for demonstrations for $5 in a round robin style of presentation. The demonstrations will be “Painting a Watermelon on an oval tile” by Le Yeatts, “Tips on Painting on Bisque” by Jody Cook, “Lace Ladies” by Anita Kantowski, and “Tips on using an i-pad” by Sarah Gomez. The lunch will be BBQ sandwiches, slaw, potato salad, baked beans, and dessert.

1. Cherryl Meggs – Wild Roses with raised paste

The cost of the event will be $280 which includes three days of painting, 3 lunches, the reception (A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Pajama contest) , and the white porcelain with two firings. An additional $35 will be charged for the banquet on Saturday night. During the reception the participants will be able to shop at each of the teachers’ tables.


The club members asked if anyone had news of Joanie Allen. The ladies signed a card to send to her. We will keep her in our prayers.

Junita Lohr – Dutch Scene


Oil Capital China Painters

Minutes were accepted as sent out via email.

Ila Church gave the Treasurer’s report. We have a total of $4700.07, which includes dues and seminar money.

n Susan Thumm Seminar will be held August 1,2,3 & 4, 2015, at Helen McNabb’s studio. The class is now full. Those attending are: Sarah Gomez, Ann Walker, Le Yeatts, Helen McNabb, Lois Higgins, Marilyn Miller, Junita Lohr, Susan Owen, Kathy Holler-Ryle, and Ila Church. Questions about points earned to apply to the seminar cost should be sent

n July 10 meeting will be lunch at Scarlett’s Tea Room in Sapulpa. Each member will pay for her own lunch at the luncheon.

A short statementof Encouragement and Appreciation from President Sarah Gomez was given. If you have ideas for meetings, let Lois Higgins know.

Sarah presented Lois Higgins with an engraved compact as “Oil Capital China Painters President’s Award” for Outstanding service and Dedication.

Oil Capital China Painters



June 5

July 10


Painting Fruit in a Basket with Mice



Pumpkins with Luster

Peonies, 1 Fire

Dec. 4

1425 New Sapulpa Rd, Sapulpa, OK 74066


Seared Beef Tips with Demi Glaze Sauce

Dessert (cheesecake with topping, cobbler or chocolate cake)

Lois Higgins

Helen McNabb

Helen McNabb

Installation of Officers



Oil Capital China Painters

n Garage Sale: Susan Owen announced the sale will be at her home on May 22-23, 2015. The hours will be announced later. Anything will be accepted for sale: china, household goods, books, toys, children’s clothing, decorative items…..anything will be appreciated. ALL ITEMS NEED TO BE PRE_PRICED

n Susan Owen made a motion we cancel the scheduled May 1 meeting because of the Installation on May 8; Ila seconded; motion passed.

n Sarah announced that dues are now due for next year. You may pay Ila now, at the Installation, or mail her your check for $40 (associate dues are $8 for members whose primary club is not Oil Capital)

Meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm.

n Junita – Pink roses on a round hinged box. BEAUTIFUL.

Bea West did a demo on first-fire of a lighthouse from a study by Mary Ashcroft.

Minutes of February 6, 2015, Meeting

Members present: Sarah Gomez, Lois Higgins, Doris Harris, Ila Church, Fredda Bruner, Kathy Holler, Junita Lohr, Marilyn Miller.

Lois gave an update on the Susan Thumm seminar. We have 8 signed up, with 2 slots left. If you want to attend this seminar, send a check for at least $50 to Ila to hold your place. The seminar will be August 1,2,3,4, 2015. Total cost will depend on how many points a member accumulates by the end of May, 2015.

We need a demonstrator for the April, 2015, meeting. Doris suggested we ask Bea West to demo a 2 fire on the lighthouse scene she will teach at the March 6 meeting.

Marilyn Miller, Secretary, OCCP

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